Our Strategy

2019 was VodafoneZiggo’s third year in existence, and an incredible number of things have been achieved in this time. We have one collective goal, one strategy and one set of shared values. Our customers are reaping the benefits of the Vodafone and Ziggo merger. The number of regular customers purchasing a converged package grew by 286,000 to 1.3 million households. The number of mobile customers purchasing a converged package grew by 541,000 to 2 million customers. Those customers are considerably more satisfied than when using our respective products alone. Our network is among the best in Europe and we’re ready for the digital future. We can look back on 2019 with satisfaction. Once again, we achieved great results. In a highly competitive market, turnover was up, operating profits (OCF) grew[1] and customer satisfaction improved. Taken together, this is proof that our strategy is still the right one.

'The merger of Vodafone and Ziggo is a resounding success, as our results in 2019 show. To continue to exceed customer expectations, we are going to work even more efficiently and more digitally. We will also continue to take our responsibility as a driving force behind the digital society. The boundless dedication of our employees makes all this possible.

Jeroen Hoencamp

We deliver added value to our customers by focusing on our objective: enjoyment and improvement with each connection. The promise we make to our customers is that they can always expect excellent products and an even better customer experience from VodafoneZiggo. To fulfil that promise, we have founded our actions on four strategic pillars:

Keeping the Customer Promise

The customer is the point of departure and the ultimate destination of everything we do as a company. We endeavour to attract new customers, but at the same time we give our existing customers the attention they deserve. The customer and customer experience are integral to our decision-making. We introduce new products and services only when we’re satisfied that they will be appreciated by the customer.

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For VodafoneZiggo, digitisation is the most effective way to achieve further growth and to remain successful. We therefore adapted our strategy in 2019, making digitisation one of our strategic pillars.

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Creating Fantastic Products

As a provider of fixed and mobile network services, we have a strong market position in the Netherlands and are relevant to our customers. We therefore regularly introduce new products to the market and endeavour to make our existing products grow, such as our combined provision of fixed and mobile services, the new Mediabox Next, Ziggo GO, the Wifi Power Promise and Internet of Things.

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Investment in the Future

We have an outstanding fixed and mobile network. And we work continuously to improve these networks. We shall continue to invest in the coming years to ensure that our networks are distinct, better and reliable. Examples in this respect include technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 for cable and 5G for mobile.

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We can only prove our strategy thanks to the efforts of our people:

Our people are our greatest capital. Thanks to them, we perform well. We are proud of our motivated colleagues. That is why we continuously invest in them. So that they enjoy their work and go that little bit further for our customers. At the same time, we are continuously streamlining our organisation so that we can bring out the best in our people and deliver the best service to our customers, now and in the future.

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[1] OCF (Operational cash flow / operating profit) is used by management as a benchmark to evaluate the operational performance of our company. OCF is defined as operating income before depreciation, share-based payments, provisions and provisions related to significant legal disputes, impairments, restructurings and other operating items. Management believes that OCF is a meaningful measure because it provides insight into our continuous operating performance, which is not affected by our capital structure. For the full definition of OCF, please refer to footnote two in the financial press release published on February 13, 2020