Strategy and Results

GigaNet, our joint network, is at the core of our company and is a determining factor in the digitisation of the Netherlands. Our fixed and mobile network delivers the capacity, quality and reliability that our customers demand from us. We are constantly investing in our networks in order to meet the growing demand for fixed and mobile communications. We anticipate upon the ever-increasing demands that customers place on our networks and choose the best new technologies. We are replacing old equipment, upgrading our systems and automating our services so that our customers can use them quickly and easily. Data traffic increased 33% on our mobile network and 21% on our fixed network in 2019.

Technology for fixed and mobile communication is changing at an astounding rate. We can already see the techniques of tomorrow on the horizon. Our customers expect us to be prepared for the future. We are making sure that this is the case. They can rely on us to build the networks of the future.

The current VodafoneZiggo fixed network is future-proof. Consumers current enjoy a maximum speed of 500 Megabit per second, and for business clients the speed is 600 Megabit per second. We can further increase this speed to 1 Gigabit per second (and eventually even faster). The existing 4G network meets the needs of the majority of our clients, but we must keep investing continuously. This is achieved, among others, by 'network virtualization', a method that ensures that the network becomes even better and more reliable. In the meantime, we are planning for the next generation of networks and technologies.

Key Figures