Enjoyment and progress with every connection. This is the promise that we make to our customers and the goal that our organisation strives for. Read about what we have done in 2019 to deliver on this promise in this annual report. We based the chapters of the annual report on the different components of our strategy.

2019 in figures

Our people, products and services enable millions of people to connect with friends, family and colleagues. Business is done more easily both within the Netherlands and abroad. Our customers enjoy the best entertainment, when and where they want. The figures below show in a nutshell what we did in 2019 to achieve this.

  • network
  • people
  • money
  • nature
  • clients
  • economy


Our customers expect outstanding products and an excellent customer experience. We do everything that we can to meet these expectations. We base this on four strategic pillars:


VodafoneZiggo is the driving force behind digitisation in the Netherlands. We are harnessing the power of technology to make society more sustainable. This means that we not only deliver products and services that have a positive effect on both people and the environment, but also that our own organization operates sustainably.

The World Around Us

We identify and analyse trends so that we can ride the crest of the latest developments. We listen to stakeholders to stay aware of what’s going on in the world around us and the role within it that they envision for VodafoneZiggo.

Looking ahead

Our results give us the confidence that we are making the right choices. That is why we will continue on the course we have charted in the coming period.