Goals and Ambitions

Customer Experience

Support for customers is changing from reactive to proactive, so that we can take the customer experience to the next level. The data we have at our disposal helps us to make predictions about our systems and products. We can, for instance:

  • repair a cable before it causes a malfunction

  • replace customer equipment before it is no longer suitable

  • offer tips for movies and series tailored to the taste of the customer


One of our plans for 2020 is to organise regular training and awareness activities. We intend to transform our central knowledge bank covering privacy issues into a privacy learning portal for our employees. We have already developed a ‘Privacy Talk Shop’ (Privacy Praatpot). It comprises a set of cards with privacy-related statements and cases to be used as a catalyst for discussions on various privacy situations and dilemmas.

In 2020, we intend to integrate our privacy management tool and the project management software used by our agile teams. This will make it easier for agile teams to test their ideas, processes and applications for privacy risks.

We are continuing to work on data minimisation: the removal of outdated information from our systems and improved control over the access rights of our people and commercial partners.

Returning Phone, Delete Data

When customers return a mobile phone or send one in for repair, we ask them to first erase all data on it by performing a ‘factory reset’. In 2019, we tested software with which we can perform a ‘hard reset’. A ‘hard reset’ permanently deletes all personal data on phones. In 2020, we will investigate how to make this software available in the shops and increase awareness of its existence. We hope that this new approach yields an increase in the return of mobile phones. Our assumption is that customers who can trust us to thoroughly erase all data on their phones will return their devices more readily. The more mobile phones we get back, the more material we can reuse. It’s all the more sustainable.
Read more about circular business models in this annual report.


With the introduction of 5G, people and organisations in the Netherlands will have even more options with respect to services and applications through mobile internet. Municipalities - clients of telecom service providers - are currently considering how they wish to use 5G for ‘the city of the future‘ and how they will deal with the related privacy and security issues. As a provider of 5G and IoT services, VodafoneZiggo intends to increasingly pursue the role of business partner of government and other customers. We intend to fulfil this role by providing support w.r.t. matters of privacy and security, as well as advice on the possible social scope thereof. In the design of the 5G network and 5G services, we already take privacy and security into consideration.

Sustainable Purchasing

Our ambition is to make the entire value chain more sustainable. VodafoneZiggo wants to encourage companies to act sustainably and ethically, and to develop policies to that end. Together with our suppliers, we want to arrive at a set of criteria that every company with which we do business is obliged to meet. In the first half of 2020, we will be conducting a study among our suppliers in order to determine how they score on the sustainability and ethical criteria of our Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Code. In the second half of 2020, we will determine how we deal with companies that score low on these criteria.

We are increasing the number of workplace inspections for work with a high-risk profile and we are increasing the number of suppliers that we check regarding safety requirements.