Our Strategy

2019 was VodafoneZiggo’s third year in existence, and an incredible number of things have been achieved in this time. We have one collective goal, one strategy and one set of shared values.

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Strategy and Results

Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do. That is the promise that we make to our customers and that we intend to fulfil with each new day.

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Customer Experience

Times are changing and our customers are changing with them. They are more aware of what they want and more critical than ever.

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VodafoneZiggo has a major responsibility for the protection of customer data and for safeguarding the confidentiality of communication. This goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations.

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We want our customers to be confident that their data is 100% secure at VodafoneZiggo.

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Sustainable Purchasing

VodafoneZiggo is committed to sustainability. The Purchasing department ensures that the goods and services we purchase are becoming increasingly sustainable and meet our ethical standards.

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Goals and Ambitions

Support for customers is changing from reactive to proactive, so that we can take the customer experience to the next level. The data we have at our disposal helps us to make predictions about our systems and products.

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Strategy and Results

Digitisation is an important factor in the economic development of the Netherlands. In order to remain digital industry leader, we need to have at our disposal the best fixed and mobile networks. VodafoneZiggo is happy to pick up the gauntlet.

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Digital Organisation

The four basic principles for digitisation in our organisation are:

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Equal Opportunity in the Digital Society

The digital society offers people many opportunities. It offers ample opportunity for self-development, brings people into contact with each other and enables them to exchange ideas quickly and with ease.

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