VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections. Together we are ensuring that people and companies are connected and stay connected every day. Together with all colleagues, we are working towards our goal: enjoyment and progress with every connection. In our organisation, everyone has the freedom and responsibility to work together effectively. And to be successful through efficient use of time, resources and the knowledge of colleagues.

Our culture

Since the start of VodafoneZiggo we have built a strong culture within our organisation, based on our values: Open Up, Team Up and Step Up. This is a culture where we understand each other, without the need for lengthy explanations. In this way, we can work together more efficiently, switch faster, things go "automatically" and it becomes more fun. Employees can be at their best, and as a company we are able to implement our strategy and deliver the best for our customers.

Our Values

Open Up

Think yes! Be open, honest and positive. Be open to new contacts, ideas and situations. Put yourself in the other’s place. Share your experience. Stay curious. The great thing is: the more open you are, the more you learn.

Team Up

Go for each other. Strengthen each other. Trust each other. Value the differences. Bundle the forces. Use the energy. Do what you’ve agreed on. Keep each other on their toes. Celebrate each success together. The nice thing is: the more we work together, the more we achieve together.

Step Up

Step out of your comfort zone. Set the bar high. And higher. Dare to innovate. Seize the initiative and take your responsibility. Go for quality. Every day. For every customer. What is positive is that the more we get done, the more customers appreciate us.

In 2019, we paid special attention to the values Team Up and Step Up. We challenged everyone to strengthen cooperation between the teams. Our people did this, among other things, by joining a meeting of another team. Then they examined as a group how together they can make customers happier.

We also introduced Step (C)Up, where each team recognises a colleague who has demonstrated Step Up behaviour, on a weekly basis.  

Finally, the Step Up Awards are a token of appreciation from the entire company for one or more people who have stepped up for our company, our people or our customers.      

Employee Satisfaction

Three times a year, together with our external partner Peachy Mondays, we measure the involvement and satisfaction of our people in the Heartbeat survey. This includes topics such as energy, leadership and the extent to which our colleagues recommend our own products. They gain insight into the satisfaction that their work offers and receive tips on what they can do to do their work with as much energy and pleasure as possible. We saw on all fronts that they experienced a stronger sense of belonging and had adopted our values.

The results of the research form the basis for discussions that managers have with their teams during the year. In addition, we gain insight into the overall satisfaction of our people, which we use to determine what they need to be and stay involved. For example, we are introducing a wellness program and we are paying more attention to personal development, both for employees and managers.

Our success is entirely due to our people. We provide employees with a work place where they can feel at home and we challenge them to continuously develop themselves, our company and society in general. Together we are building a strong culture and organisation. It is great to see how much we have achieved in 2019.

Thomas Mulder
Executive Director Human Resources

HR strategy

After three years of integration, 2019 was the time to look at our ambition for the next three to five years. The following two important principles for HR policy form the basis for this:

  • We strengthen our people's passion for their work and their motivation to remain relevant through development, both for VodafoneZiggo and the labour market.

  • We are building an organisation that responds quickly and flexibly to developments in our industry.

This means that in the coming years we will be focusing more intensively on developing our people and managers. We are creating an organisation that allows us to respond quickly to the wishes of our customers. The basis for these changes are our values and our belief in the power of diversity.

We believe it is important that our people enjoy working in the challenging market in which we find ourselves. Under the heading 'Enjoy the Challenge' we are shaping an organisation in which (new) colleagues get the best out of themselves and which we encourage them to do every day. Every day they take up the challenge to make a difference for our customers. They do this by working well together, by enjoying what they do and by developing themselves.