Strategy and Results

Digitisation is an important factor in the economic development of the Netherlands. In order to remain digital industry leader, we need to have at our disposal the best fixed and mobile networks. VodafoneZiggo is happy to pick up the gauntlet. If for no other reason, because digitisation is crucial to the survival of our company. For VodafoneZiggo, digitisation is the most effective way to achieve further growth and to remain successful. We therefore adapted our strategy in 2019, making digitisation one of our four strategic pillars. We invest a lot of capital, energy and manpower to transform VodafoneZiggo into a digital telecoms provider.
Digitisation entails changing the mentality and way of working in our organisation. We distinguish four basic principles:

  • Customer-oriented approach

The customer experience is central to everything we do. Insight into customer needs is requisite to good and relevant products and services.

  • Choosing digital solutions

Wherever possible, we opt for digital solutions in everything we do and develop.

  • Better performance thanks to data

We use all available data to make the best choices and decisions.

  • Agile Working

We work according to agile methods, which makes us more flexible and enables us to achieve swifter results. We work in teams with colleagues from different disciplines and organisation units, i.e. ‘cross-functionally'.