Sustainable Purchasing

VodafoneZiggo is committed to sustainability. The Purchasing department ensures that the goods and services we purchase are becoming increasingly sustainable and meet our ethical standards. Relevant agreements with our suppliers are in place, which are summarised in our Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing Code.

Much of the purchasing is done through our parent companies Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, which conclude international contracts for this purpose. This concerns contracts with telephone manufacturers or producers of modems and media boxes, for instance. At a local level, we hire, among others, contractors, installation companies, maintenance companies, electricity suppliers, contact centres, business service providers and employment agencies.
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100% Sustainable Energy

All the energy we use is 100% sustainable. We only use energy generated by European wind turbines.


VodafoneZiggo is part of JAC, an association of telecom companies who cooperate to promote sustainability in the industry. In JAC, we develop joint policy for sustainable business.


One aspect of doing business sustainably entails treating well the people we work with. That is why we make agreements with our suppliers not only about topics such as the environment and sustainability, but also about safety and fair salaries - for example with subcontractors who lay cables for us, install masts and build distribution stations.

Safety is an important theme in this respect. In 2019, our suppliers carried out more than 200 workplace inspections during activities with a high risk profile. These activities include working at heights, working in confined spaces and working with electricity. Beyond that, our Executive Director Technology and his management team visit a location every quarter to assess health and safety issues.

We outsource part of our call centre services to parties outside the Netherlands, including in Suriname and Turkey. Our Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing Code is in place to ensure that the working conditions of these overseas employees meet the conditions stated in this purchasing code.