Digital Developments

The digital revolution is changing the world around us and it is happening at lightning speed. Technological developments follow one after the other in rapid succession. Data is essential to making decisions and serving customers as well as possible. Businesses use new techniques to serve their customers, such as chatbots and convenient smartphone apps. The market in various sectors is changing drastically due to new digital business models that help companies take maximum advantage of digitisation.

Our customers are changing, too. They are more critical and want businesses to help them quickly, properly and in a way that is tailored to their individual needs. When they evaluate our services, they compare us not only with telecom providers, but also with companies in other sectors, such as Coolblue, Apple and Amazon. In order to remain relevant as a business, it is important that we keep pace with digital developments in the market and that we really put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We must act faster, with more focus and more flexibility. 

Digitisation is crucially important, now and in the future. We seek to strike the healthy balance between clever technology and human contact. Insights are incorporated into our systems immediately, so that we can satisfy customers’ each and every wish. Part of that is an agile way of working.

Robin Kroes
Executive Director Strategy Insights & Integration

We involve our customers in our digital development processes, allowing us to respond faster to their changing wishes, as well as to technological developments. We’re growing with the wishes of our customers and thus offer better products, services and experiences. Digitisation makes our organisation more efficient and keeps costs down.

At the same time, we have an eye for what digitisation means for the different groups in our society. We believe it’s important that everybody in the digital society has equal opportunities. With this in mind, we’re developing special programs for young and old and support several initiatives to increase people’s digital skills.