Stakeholder dialogues and other matters

How we create value

As VodafoneZiggo, we want to create value for our stakeholders: our customers, employees and society. We use a variety of people and resources to achieve this. Together they form the input for our organisation. This allows us to serve our customers, develop products and services and maintain our networks. Everything the organisation creates and sets in motion is called output. This represents a certain value for each stakeholder. As a company, we at the heart of society. We have an influence on society and society has an influence on us. These external influences affect all parts of our value creation model.

Materiality Assessment

In this annual report, we publish news and developments that are important to our stakeholders. What we include in this report is determined by stakeholder expectations and strategically important developments. We follow the societal developments that can affect our organisation. For this we use external surveys (such as sector surveys), media and political scans, issue analyses, individual interviews and our employee satisfaction survey (Heartbeat). We also look at the GRI guidelines, our reputation surveys, business risks, trend analysis, market developments and the factors that influence trust and reputation. Based on these sources, we made a list of the main topics:

    • Business ethics

    • Circular Economy

    • Community investment

    • Digital Inclusion

    • Digital Transformation

    • Diversity and Inclusive culture

    • Electromagnetic Radiation

    • Energy consumption and CO2 emissions

    • Governance

    • Impact of products and services

    • Innovation

    • Chain management

    • Network

    • Privacy

    • Security

    • Responsible Employer

    • Customer care

These topics determine the basis for our annual report.

Our Stakeholders

VodafoneZiggo enables communication between individuals, organisations, governments and companies - everyone who is part of our society. In this way, we are of great social importance and we are aware of the responsibility we bear. This makes us feel connected to society.

Representatives of society

We listen to stakeholders to stay aware of what’s going on in the world around us and the role they envision for VodafoneZiggo. The knowledge we gain is used to align our strategy and choices as best we can to their needs and values. In the table below, we provide insight into all contact we had with the various stakeholders in 2019.