Goals and Ambitions

Diversity and Inclusion

Our goal is to further promote diversity and inclusion within VodafoneZiggo in the coming years. We therefore want to clearly communicate that our organisation is open to a wide variety of new colleagues. In particular, we offer employment opportunities to women, people with an occupational disability, LGBT+ people and asylum seekers with a provisional or conditional residence permit (permit holders). We support our employees in recruiting these people through job coaching, buddy training and awareness sessions. Our efforts must result in a good score on the Performance Ladder for Social Enterprise. They must also ensure that we comply with our legal obligation to employ people at a distance from the labour market (Social Return on Investment). By 2020, we want to hire about fifty people with an occupational disability. We will also provide insight into how many women in our company work in top and higher positions. We are also striving for more women to join technical positions.

Diversity VodafoneZiggo

Target 2020


Diversity top management (shown in% female)



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Target 2020



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Attractive Employer

VodafoneZiggo wants all employees to enjoy moving forward in their roles. In this way, they remain relevant for the labour market throughout their careers (both within and outside of VodafoneZiggo). In our HR policy, we encourage colleagues to develop both the skills of today and those of the future. They learn from each other in the workplace and are given plenty of opportunities to take courses and training. We invite everyone, with any background, education level or (lack of) technical knowledge, to take up the challenge with us.

VodafoneZiggo also offers employees the opportunity to volunteer for one of the company's social projects during working hours. This can be, for example, teaching children about digitisation or helping the elderly find their way on the internet.