By continuously innovating, we deliver on our customer promise: putting the customer at the centre of everything we do. We respond to the latest technological developments, social changes and market demand. We are making it increasingly easier for our customers to be connected and enjoy the best sports, films, series and TV programmes - regardless of the time of day, location or the devices they use.

We are not only the driving force behind Dutch digitization, but also the infrastructure builder that has to help maintain the Netherlands’ digital advantage in the future. We give other parties the opportunity to develop innovative services on our networks.

At VodafoneZiggo, multidisciplinary teams assess the added value to customers of innovations and the probability of success of a new product, service or process. They then decide whether it is worth continuing to develop a concept.


VodafoneZiggo develops innovative solutions in conjunction with various innovative partners. We enter into strategic partnerships with municipalities and governments, start-ups and other innovative companies. For example, we are working with the municipality of Hilversum to create smart-city applications and with Groningen, Maastricht and Eindhoven we’re working on 5G.