Goals and Ambitions

Our Portfolio

We’re working on a software update for the Mediabox XL, which will enable more than a million customers in 2020 to share the benefits of the completely new viewing experience offered by Ziggo. Among those are the ability to record and review programmes online instead of on the hard drive in the device and the seamless integration of the Ziggo Go app. In addition, the update improves the longevity of the Mediabox XL.

In the future, we will be using cloud services more often and we will use smaller and more powerful chips, which will lead to smaller products.

Internet of Things

We will be making optimum use of the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Think of safe LED street lighting, operating on patients remotely and parking sensors with which motorists can find a parking space without having to drive around in circles.

Smarter Working

In 2020, companies will continue looking for smarter ways of working and streamlining operations in terms of efficiency and sustainability. That’s why we’re continuing to invest in our GigaNet and advising our business customers, at our Experience Center and through other means, on how best to use our products and services.


We will continue our close discussions with our partners in the future, with the aim of finding innovative solutions together that will be mutually beneficial in the digital world.   

Technology for Society

By harnessing the strength of connectivity and innovative solutions, we can improve the health, security and quality of life. Thanks to the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), we cannot only monitor the health of patients remotely, but also medicines and donor organs in transit. In addition, IoT offers ease and security. It is becoming possible, for instance, to trace bicycles and electric scooters, to monitor dikes and to measure ground vibrations. With help from the Instant Network Program, we install temporary networks in disaster zones, so that emergency services and population can communicate, together and with the outside world. In the coming years, we want to improve the health or quality of life of more people through IoT or other digital solutions.


Target 2020



Number of 'No Isolation' Robots