About this report

Through this annual report we provide our stakeholders with insight into the developments, performance and themes from 2019. We paint an honest picture of things that went well and provide insight into the challenges we see ahead of us. We also refer to our corporate website vodafoneziggo.nl, where there is new information about the latest developments and projects.

Design and content

The annual report was partly due to the efforts of the management members who were responsible for a material topic. Together with the nine members of the board of directors, they determined the structure of the report and provided all qualitative and quantitative data for reporting. The CSR Committee reviewed the draft text of the annual report and approved the final version. The Corporate Communication department is responsible for the composition, final editing and publication of this annual report.

The presented financial figures are taken from the consolidated financial statements of VodafoneZiggo Group B.V. The consolidated financial statements of VodafoneZiggo Group B.V. for the year ended December 31, 2019 has been prepared in accordance with US GAAP and has been audited by KPMG Accountants N.V. on March 13, 2020.

The reporting criteria of the Sustainability Performance are the internally applied reporting criteria based on the definitions of the GreenhouseGas Protocol.

Our Ambition

Our goal is to produce an even more transparent and comprehensive annual report, in which we focus on the topics to which our stakeholders attach the greatest importance. In order to clarify exactly what our influence is on the world around us, we will conduct regular impact studies in the coming years.

For questions about this annual report you can send an email to pers@vodafoneziggo.com.


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