Strategy and Results

We do everything in our power to tailor our products and services to the demands of our customers. Always keeping our objective in clear focus: enjoyment and progress with every connection. We continuously improve our products and create positive customer experiences. We provide the best entertainment and lots of viewing pleasure. We provide fast and reliable internet. We bundle our fixed and mobile products and let our customers enjoy benefits such as attractive discounts, extra TV channels and a package to be safe online. We are at the leading edge of developments, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects increasing numbers of devices to each other and to the internet. Before we launch new products on the market, we first extensively test and discuss them with our customers. They are an important link in our new concept development chain.

As a provider of fixed and mobile network services, we have a strong market position in the Netherlands and are relevant to our customers. For this reason, we work hard to bring new products to the market and build upon existing ones:

Best Content and Viewer Experience

Our ambition is to provide the best and most extensive range of entertainment and to give our customers a smooth viewing experience.

Best Internet

VodafoneZiggo has a finely ramified, first-class infrastructure in place in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, our customers believe the connections could be better.

Best Convergence Propositions

Bundling fixed and mobile products offers our customers several benefits, such as attractive discounts, extra TV channels and a safe online package. Since we started offering bundled internet, TV and mobile subscriptions in April 2017, they have been purchased by more than 1.3 million households.

Internet of Things

VodafoneZiggo is industry leader in solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). We deliver important added value to our business customers in particular, thanks to our national network coverage for IoT, for instance, and the experience of our parent companies Liberty Global and Vodafone Group.

Key Figures