Digital Organisation

The four basic principles for digitisation in our organisation are:

  • Choosing digital solutions

  • Better performance thanks to data

  • Agile Working

  • END: area

Customer-oriented approach

We involve our customers in the development of new concepts. We translate the insights we gain from this into products and services that meet their needs.
Read more about how we make the customer central in this annual report.




NPS Digital customer journey for mobile



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Choosing digital solutions

VodafoneZiggo has a preference for digital solutions. We use and develop digital products and services to be as customer focused as possible. Digital technologies promote more effective anticipation and swifter response. We use them to enable customers to purchase products and contact us direct, online, from anywhere and at any time. In practice, we see that customers value digital help, as various studies confirm. We expect a shift to an increasing number of digital channels, where we serve our customers in a swift and user-friendly manner. We use the best technologies in combination with personal contact - if a customer prefers to speak to someone in one of our stores, then that’s still possible.

Better performance thanks to data

To offer customers the best service, we need to be aware of their needs and wishes. We can get a good impression of these from the data we keep on them, yielding various different benefits to customers. We can recommend a film or a series to them, for instance. If a customer makes few calls, we can suggest s/he purchases a cheaper mobile subscription. Obviously, we use this data after the customer’s approval only. To make these things possible, we are working on the better alignment of the activities of our commercial, operational and technical departments.

By using data in a smart way, we can better predict customer behaviour and personalise our service. We approach them through their channels of choice. Customers do not have to tell the same story twice when they contacts us. This way, we can help them faster and more adequately. Smart use of data can solve technical problems more swiftly, and in exceptional cases, even prevent their occurrence entirely.

We are currently developing an algorithm that is extra alert to anomalies in the systems. We are confident that it will enable us to be more precise when tasking maintenance engineers: “Go to cabinet A in district B and replace part C.” An effective approach like that offers benefits to all involved: we improve our work processes and service levels, solve problems more swiftly and the customer experiences fewer malfunctions. Ultimately, a situation will arise in which we can foresee malfunctions so far in advance, that we can solve them before they have an impact on customers.

Another data model we work with recognises customers experiencing problems watching television. We can also predict when customers are dissatisfied with the WiFi performance in their offices or homes. On the basis of insights yielded by such data, we proactively contact customers experiencing significant or structural issues and make every effort to resolve them.




Number of customers actively using the Ziggo GO app



Number of customers using the MyVodafone app



Number of Wifi apps downloaded



Agile Working

In 2019, the first VodafoneZiggo employees started working with 'agile'. Small, multidisciplinary teams of 8-12 people work closely together to deliver tangible products within short lead times. This makes it possible to achieve swift results and continuously make improvements. This way, we are making our organisation increasingly flexible and faster to adapt and perfect our products and service experience.

Read more about our way of working in this annual report.